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As a Buyer Client, you are eligible to participate in The Home Buyer Rewards Program. This program will help you with your buying expenses as a new home buyer. And you’ll get rewarded up to $1,000. when you use our Realtor Buyer Services*. 

* To qualify please complete the form to enroll in the Home Buyer Rewards Program. Reward amount is based on sale price of home purchased and cannot exceed $1,000 per transaction. To receive the maximum amount offered of $1,000, the sale price of the home sold or purchased must be $400,000 or more and where the buyer agent commission is minimum 2.5%.  You must be enrolled in the program or notify Realtor of participation in program and before viewing any homes and signing Buyer Representation agreement prior to buying a home using one of our Realtors in order to qualify for the reward.  Amounts vary based on purchase price and are provided as cash back upon the successful completion of the transaction and within a reasonable time after the receipt of the commission paid to the Brokerage. Please contact for full details.